Revere Mental Health Patient Arrest for Murder of Peabody Woman

Deshawn James Chappell, 27, was arrested last night by Boston Police Officers at his grandmother’s apartment in Roxbury for the Revere Murder of Stephanie Moulton, 25, of Peabody, Massachusetts.

Moulton was a counselor at a Revere group home that was operated under the Suffolk Mental Health Association (which is contracted by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health) where Chappel was a resident. According to Revere Police, Boston Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Moulton was allegedly attacked by Chappell and taken from the group home sometime yesterday. Later on in the evening, her body was found behind the St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Lynn.

At this time, no information has been released as to specific details regarding the murder, but authorities believe that, at the time of the incident, Moulton was likely the only employee at the group home at the time. Police have indicated, however, that the murder most likely occurred inside the Revere group home, as blood and other forensic evidence was located.

Chappell was arraigned on Massachusetts Murder Charges this morning in the Chelsea Division of the Boston Municipal Court. Following his arraignment, Chappell was held without bail and sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for a Mental Health Evaluation.

It has been reported that Chappell suffered from some type of mental health illness, and so one can expect that issues relative to competency and/or an Insanity Defense / Defense of Lack of Criminal Responsibility should the case go to trial.

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