School Bus Driver Charged with Rape of 5 Year Old Child

Sergio Lara, 53, owner of Maya Transportation, a private school bus company, was arraigned in Chelsea District Court last week on Massachusetts Sex Crimes Charges for allegedly raping a 5 year old girl. He was formally charged with Rape of a Child and Indecent Assault & Battery on a Child.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Sergio Lara owns the private school bus company that contracts with the cities of Revere, Chelsea and East Boston. Lara was driving the girl home from school, and alleged committed the sexual assault before dropping the girl off. When the child was dropped off, she told her parents what had happened and the alleged rape was reported.

Following his arraignment on Rape of a Child and Indecent Assault & Battery on a Child, Lara was held on $100,000 cash bail.

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