Somerville Soccer Rape Suspect Charged with Aggravated Rape of a Child

A Somerville High School student was arraigned yesterday on several Massachusetts Sex Crimes Charges, including Aggravated Rape of a Child in connection with the alleged sexual assault of another young high school athlete with a broomstick.

A total of three Somerville students who were attending a retreat in the Berkshires at Camp Lenox and allegedly sought out three other students and attempted to assault them. The students were members of the Somerville’s soccer team and several other students who were participating at a summer camp at Camp Lenox in Otis.

Police allege that the three students took a broomstick to rape and sexual assault a freshman student; and also tried to do the same to two other students but they were able to escape. According to prosecutors, blood and other evidence was recovered from the scene.

The three students, all juniors, were charged with a variety of sexual assault charges, including indent assault and battery on a person; aggravated rape of a child; assault with intent to rape; intimidation of a witness; and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The crime of aggravated rape is charged where, in addition to the rape of a person, the act committed also resulting in serious bodily injury to the person; was committed by joint venture; or was committed during the commission or attempted commission of another crime.

As with most Massachusetts sex crimes, a conviction for aggravated rape will subject the defendant to sex offender registration and possibly other collateral sex crime consequences.

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