Stoughton Police Officer Forced to Resign After Visit to Strip Club

Stoughton Police Officer Richard P. Bennett, 28, was a five-year veteran of the town’s Police Department but was forced to tender his resignation after he committed 2 police department violations.

Bennett was accused of visiting Alex’s Strip Club in Stoughton in June to meet “Bridget the Midget,” a 3 foot 9 inch tall porn star. The problem was that, at the time he went to the strip club, Bennett was on duty and left his patrol to visit the club. It appears that other police officers, “no less than five,” were present within the club and reported the violation to the Stoughton Chief of Police.

In another incident, Officer Bennett also violated the Stoughton Police policy for putting a laser scope on his department issued firearm. The Stoughton Police Department prohibits modifications to department issued firearms without prior approval. When inquiries were made to him about the modification, Officer Bennett allegedly lied to police investigators, thereby violating another canon of the Stoughton Police Department.

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