Suffolk County District Attorney Investigates Lynn Siblings in Extortion Scheme

Two siblings, Jorge Morales, 37, and Mary Lozada, 34, both of Lynn, Massachusetts, are under investigation by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office for a fake Extortion scheme by targeting persons and telling them their family members had been kidnapped and were going to be killed.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office reports that at least 30 phone calls were made to the extortion targets, but does not believe that any Kidnapping actually occurred. At least two parents are known to have fallen for the fake extortion threats, a mother in Jamaica Plain and a father in Dorchester.

Jorge Morales is already scheduled to be in Lynn District Court tomorrow for a dangerousness hearing. He was arrested last week on outstanding warrants by the Lynn Police Department for various charges, including Extortion and Larceny. He has also been charged with Assault with Intent to Murder for allegedly threatening to stab his probation officer with a syringe he claimed was filled with HIV-tainted blood.

Mary Lozada, however, has already been charged in the Roxbury Division of the Boston Municipal Court with Extortion by Threat of Injury and Conspiracy to Commit Larceny for allegedly collecting ransom money after Morales made the calls.

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