Suspected Drug Dealer with Mutilated Fingertips Arrested in Randolph for Drug Trafficking

Leonel Lopez-Ortiz, 38, was arrested on charges including Identity Fraud following his arrest in Randolph this past Wednesday. After his arrest, Lopez-Oritz’ car was search by the Massachusetts State Police, from which they recovered $159,000 in a shopping bag; and an additional $7,000 in cash from inside the home.

Lopez-Ortiz is also believed to be the same man with outstanding warrants on cocaine Drug Trafficking charges out of Suffolk Superior and Roxbury District Courts, as well as a warrant for Distribution of Cocaine out of the Dorchester Division of the Boston Municipal Court.

Lopez-Ortiz is also suspected of having intentionally mutilated his fingertips so as to avoid authorities from obtaining his identity. Unrelated to this incident, Jorge Falcon Ortiz was also found to have intentionally mutilated his fingertips after his arrest last week on unrelated drug charges.

Following his arraignment today in Quincy District Court on Drug Trafficking Charges, Lopez-Ortiz was held on $500,000 cash bail.

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