Olympic Gold Medalist Jenny Thompson Victim of Assault & Attempted Robbery

Jenny Thomspon, an Olympic gold medalist and winner of 12 overall medals over four Olympic games was the victim of an Assault and Attempted Robbery of her scooter yesterday in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Brookline Police report that Thompson was on her scooter in the area of Harvard and Verndale Street at about 10:00 p.m. last evening when a dark colored car pulled up beside her with its headlights out and two men exited the car. One of the men went up to Thompson and punched her in the face and he and the other man tried to steal her scooter.

Sometime thereafter, Brookline Police arrested Luis Santos, 18, of Dorchester, Massachusetts, and two other teens for allegedly stealing a different scooter, on which they were traveling the wrong way down Beacon Street. Although these youths are being investigated with regard to the Jenny Thompson incident, Brookline Police report that they these may just be unrelated incidents.

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