Two Men Arrested in Double Homicide and Home Invasion in Haverhill, Massachusetts

Three men have been arrested in connection with last week’s Home Invasion in Haverhill. All three men have been charged with Massachusetts Murder Charges, as well as Home Invasion, and Gun Crimes Charges.

According to the Essex County District Attorney’s Office, several men attempted to gain access to and rob an apartment on River Street in Haverhill. The attempted robbery went bad, and eventually led to two people being killed, and others seriously injured from gunshot wounds.

The violent crime of Home Invasion in Massachusetts is defined as the entering into the home of another while armed and where the use or threatened use of force is employed. Home Invasion carries a potential penalty of not less than 20 years and up to life in state prison.

With regard to sentencing on this case, the imposition of the 20 year minimum sentence is not mandatory, in the sense that the if someone is found guilty of this crime, a judge does have discretion to not sentence him/her to state prison, but to place the person on probation for some length of time. Only in circumstances where the sentencing judge imposes a sentence of commitment for the crime of Home Invasion, the minimum sentence that must be imposed is 20 years.

By contrast of course, the crime of 1st Degree Murder carries a mandatory life sentence to state prison without the possibility of parole.

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