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amd_philip_markoff.jpgPhillip Markoff, the former Boston University medical student and accused Craigslist killer is scheduled to go on trial for the Murder of a 24 year-old masseuse in a Boston’s Marriott Copley Place Hotel.

Markoff is alleged to have met the victim, Julissa Brisman, 25, through a Craigslist ad she placed advertising erotic services. The Boston Police and Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office have accused Markoff of meeting with Brisman at the hotel, and crushing her skull with the butt of a handgun, and then shooting her three times in the chest. He then allegedly hid the murder weapon in a hollowed-out textbook in his apartment in Quincy, where he lived at the time.

The Boston Police report that, during an extensive search of his home, they also seized four pairs of women’s panties hidden in his mattress box spring, as well as plastic ties they say are similar to those he allegedly used to bind his victims. In separate investigations involving other women, Markoff’s fingerprints were also reportedly lifted from the duct tape he allegedly used to gag one of his victims.

Clark Rockefeller, the man who kidnapped his young daughter, appeared in Suffolk Superior Court this morning and asked a 3-judge appellate panel to reduce his 4-5 year state prison sentence for parental Kidnapping.

Rockefeller argued that his sentence was beyond the ‘sentencing guidelines’, but the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office justified the sentence on the grounds that his extraordinary actions under the circumstances justified the sentence. The appellate panel agreed and ultimately dismissed Rockefeller’s request for a reduced sentence.

When the media frenzy over the Rockefeller case came to light, so did his numerous alias, which eventually linked him to an unsolved 1985 Murder in California where he lived at the time. California authorities have not yet publicly confirmed whether or not they will seek to indict Rockefeller for the murder.

The Lowell Police Department have arrested a 23 year old man in connection with the robbery of a Getty Gas Station last Monday. The man, whose name has not been disclosed, was charged with Kidnapping and Armed Robbery, and is expected to be arraigned on those criminal charges in Lowell District Court this week.

Lowell Police report that the man, who is a regular customer and had even worked at the station he robbed in the past, was likely hiding behind a dumpster when he pulled a gun on a store clerk as he was locking up. The store’s alarm, however, had already been triggered, so the suspect quickly grabbed some money and ordered one of the clerk’s to drive him away. He was driven around the neighborhood for a short time, until he got out of the car and fled on foot. Interestingly, it was also reported that the armed robber had also gone to the store earlier in the evening and told someone that he planned on robbing the store.

It turns out, however, that the armed robber drove himself to a few blocks away from his own house where he got out of the car. Once out of the car, the armed robber took off his mask and started to walk home – and the store clerk followed him to his house. The store clerk from the Lowell store was quoted as saying:

Boston Police have arrested Troy Robinson, 29, and charged him with Kidnapping his 2 year old nephew, who had been missing with him since Tuesday morning. The child was located by Boston Police yesterday in Dorchester, Massachusetts, after receiving anonymous tips. The child was taken to a local Boston Hospital for evaluation, but it appeared to Boston Police that he was in good condition.

Troy Robinson, also known as James Braxton or Troy Allen, was asked to babysit the boy on Tuesday morning. The child’s mother reported that she received a voicemail from Robinson on Tuesday evening, where he said he was running late. The child was then reported missing after he failed to return the child and his whereabouts with the child were unknown since that time. Boston Police indicated that Troy Robinson also had an outstanding Arrest Warrant for an unrelated criminal charge.

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 26A is the criminal statute that provides for the punishment for the offense of Kidnapping of A Minor by a Relative. If convicted, Troy Robinson could be sentenced to the Massachusetts House of Corrections for up to 1 year and fined $1000.

Kimberly Johnson, 38, had been sought by Massachusetts State Police since last Thursday when she allegedly kidnapped a thirteen month-old baby from a gas station in Swansea, Massachusetts. After a multi-state search, she was arrested last evening in a Pennsylvania women’s shelter where she had used a stolen ID and alias.

The Massachusetts State Police and the D.A.’s Office is working with Pennsylvania law enforcement authorities to arrange her rendition to Massachusetts, where she will likely be criminally charged with Kidnapping.

In Massachusetts, the charge of Kidnapping is an extremely serious criminal offense, a life felony which is punishable in state prison for any term of years up to life. Massachusetts General Laws defines Kidnapping in Chapter 265, Section 26, as the forcible or secret confinement of another person with intent to cause him to be secretly imprisoned against his will in this Commonwealth, or cause him to be sent out of this Commonwealth against his will.

Two masked gunman committed an armed robbery of a Hingham jewelry store at closing time last evening.  Both men, one with a handgun and the other with a shotgun, cornered the store owner and employees at the back door as they were leaving, forcing them back inside and emptied the safe.  If caught, both men face charges of Kidnapping and Masked Armed Robbery.

At one point, the store’s alarm company called after the alarm had been triggered, but with a gun pointing at him, the store’s owner told the alarm company that everything was OK.  After two 911 calls by store employees, police surrounded the building, but the suspects had already fled.  The only leads reported were that one of the men had on a M&M’s candies jacket, and that they escaped in a gray 2005 Toyota Camry.  

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 26 defines Kidnapping as forcible or secret confinement of another against his will.  The maximum penalty for Kidnapping in Massachusetts is ‘any term of years’ up to life imprisonment.

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