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Rockefeller.jpgChristian K. Gerhartsreiter, 50, who gained fame as “Clark Rockefeller” from the Massachusetts Kidnapping case involving his daughter, was recently indicted by Los Angeles County prosecutors for the Murder of John Sohus, 27.

Clark Rockefeller is currently serving a 4-5 year Massachusetts state prison sentence for the crime of Kidnapping his daughter following a custody dispute with his wife. In that case, he was charged with kidnapping his 7 year old daughter, Reigh, from a supervised visit from his former Back Bay apartment in Boston in July of 2008. He had also been charged and convicted of Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.

Following his arrest in that case, it was revealed that “Clark Rockefeller”, as he was known by his wife, friends and everyone else, had also assumed various false identities over the years and was really a German national by the name of Christian K. Gerhartsreiter.

Kelly's Liquors.jpgMilor Nerette, 18, of Randolph, Massachusetts, was arrested by Boston Police Officers last Friday in connection with the stabbing of a 23 year old Randolph man that occurred in Braintree’s South Shore Plaza last February. Milor Nerette was formally arraigned yesterday on Massachusetts Crimes of Violence Charges of Armed Assault to Murder in Quincy District Court.

According to the Braintree Police Department, Milor Nerette is believed to be one of four men who allegedly approached a man in the South Shore Plaza in Braintree and stabbed the 23 year old Randolph man. A judge from the Quincy District Court had previously issued an arrest warrant for Nerette on charges of Armed Assault with Intent to Murder. He was picked up on the arrest warrant this past Friday by Boston Police.

The other two men already arrested in connection with this stabbing were Geraldo Lerouge, 20, of Hyde Park, and Ricardo Clermont, 21, of Quincy. Both were previously arraigned on the charge of Armed Assault with Intent to Murder in Quincy District Court on February 28.

Ricardo Garcia, 23, of Malden, was arrested last Friday for allegedly stabbing another man in the chest at Tommy Doyle’s Pub in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Garcia was formally charged with Armed Assault to Murder, Resisting Arrest and Possession of Class E Drugs.

According to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, Cambridge Police Officers responded to the Cambridge bar at approximately 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning and found a 48 year old Somerville man bleeding from the chest. He was able to inform officers that he was trying to break up a fight in the bar when another man came and stabbed him in the chest.

The alleged stabber, Ricardo Garcia, was held by the bar staff until Cambridge Police Officers arrived. A search of Garcia allegedly yielded a folding knife and several illegal pills.

The Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office obtained four Arrest Warrants in connection with the Billerica Home Invasion last weekend that resulted in one man being shot. The Arrest Warrants were issued for four Billerica men, Sean Larson, 24; Cory Barry, 18; Ryan Koehler, 22; and Chad LeClair, 33; on charges of Armed Home Invasion; Assault with Intent to Murder; Larceny; and Massachusetts Gun Crimes Charges.

According to the Billerica Police Department, police officers responded to a report of an Armed Home Invasion at 45 Oak Street. On arrival, police officers found a 49 year old male suffering from what is believed to be two gun shot wounds. It is alleged that Larson, Barry, Koehler, and LeClair broke into the man’s home sometime around 7:00 p.m. last Sunday night, robbed the home and in the process, allegedly shot the man twice with the shotgun.

Although the Billerica Police Department, with the assistance of Massachusetts State Police and K-9 units made efforts to locate the alleged perpetrators all week, no arrests were made until later in the week when Chad LeClair was arrested Tuesday night and Ryan Koehler was arrested Wednesday morning.

Easton Byfield, 35, of Oxford, was arrested this past weekend on Massachusetts Crimes of Violence Charges for allegedly assaulting a patron at the nightclub where he was a bouncer. Byfield was formally arrested for the crimes of Assault & Battery; Kidnapping; and Unarmed Robbery.

According to the Worcester Police Department, the assault, which allegedly occurred at the Platinum Premier Club in Worcester, was apparently captured on video by another bouncer. The video apparently shows Easton Byfield punching the purported victim in the face approximately four times, and then taking money out of his wallet.

The Worcester Police Department reports that the alleged incident occurred on May 25, but was not reported because the alleged victim was fearful of retribution.

Stephanie Gonzalez, 20, of Lowell, was arrested on Massachusetts Crimes of Violence Charges in connection with stabbing of a pregnant 17 year old girl this past Sunday. She was charged with Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and held on $1,000 cash bail following her arraignment in Lowell District Court.

The Lowell Police Department and the Essex County District Attorney’s Office alleges that Gonzalez stabbed the young woman at least three times, including once in the back. The alleged incident occurred this past Sunday, which resulted in the pregnant girl suffering from a punctured lung. Despite the attack and after being taken to a Boston hospital, authorities report that the baby is expected to survive.

From all reports, it appears that no witnesses were able to provide information as to what happened, other than confirming that the alleged victim was a resident of the home. Neighbors would only say that they heard women yelling and crying, but couldn’t tell police anything specific about the incident.

junta.jpgQuinlan Junta, 21, and Jason Molle, 20, were both arraigned this morning in Woburn District Court on several Massachusetts Violent Crimes Charges in connection with the robbery of a Reading apartment this past Monday.

Both Junta and Molle were charged with Home Invasion, Armed Robbery, Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, and Conspiracy.

According to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, Junta and Molle allegedly broke their way into the Reading apartment and forced a man to undress and then lie on the floor; and then they allegedly beat and robbed him.

William Plaza, 38, of Hyde Park, was arrested on Massachusetts Crimes of Violence Charges after he allegedly threatened another man with a knife following an argument over where to throw the snow he was shoveling in Boston’s Back Bay.

Plaza was arrested and charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon after he allegedly threatened the other person with two knives. Although the argument initially began as verbal, it escalated when Plaza allegedly threw snow onto the other man. Thereafter, Plaza went inside one of the apartments and allegedly returned with two knives and stated “someone’s going to get stabbed.”

Boston Police Officers responded to the area and Plaza was arrested behind the building while sitting in his car.

Tracy Hough, 42, of Waltham, was arraigned in Waltham District Court on Massachusetts Crimes of Violence Charges including Attempted Murder, Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, and Mayhem.

This past Wednesday, Hough allegedly attacked his father with an ax, almost severing his hand, in what prosecutors described as an argument over a snow-blower. Hough, who lives in the basement of his parents’ home, left the scene after his mother went downstairs to discovery Ralph Hough, the father, bleeding from two apparent ax wounds to his back and one to his hand.

Notably, when the Waltham Police were dispatched regarding the crime, Hough was described as “possibly bipolar”. It’s unclear at this time what Hough’s mental health history is at this time, and whether a Defense of Criminal Responsibility might be viable in this case.

Marvin Veiga was arraigned this morning in Dorchester District Court for allegedly Assaulting a Boston Police Officer with a Deadly Weapon, a rifle, this past Saturday after a high-speed chase in Dorchester. The Boston Police Officer ultimately shot Marvin Veiga in the leg.

Veiga was also charged with various Massachusetts Gun Crimes, including Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Possession of a Loaded Firearm; and Resisting Arrest.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the incident occurred when officer’s of the “Boston Police Department’s Youth Violence Strike Force” got an ‘anonymous tip’ to pull over a Chrysler in which Veiga and three others were in. When police tried to pull the car over, the driver, Osvaldir Mendes, of Dorchester, led police on a chase. When the car finally pulled over, Veiga, Mendes, and Takari Elliot, of Dorchester, got out of the car and they all ran. The fourth person in the car, Daronde Bethea of Milton, remained inside the car.

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