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bus.jpgCynthia King, 46, of Brockton, was arrested on Massachusetts Drug Crimes Charges after Boston Police conducted a search of her car at the MBTA bus yard in South Boston.

The investigation against Cynthia King reportedly began in May of 2010, when a confidential information allegedly told police that a driver for the MBTA was selling crack cocaine from the bus. Based on that information and subsequent surveillance by the Boston Police Drug Control Unit, the police were able to obtain and execute search warrants of King’s car and her person when she arrived to work and recovered crack cocaine, cash and other alleged drug paraphernalia, including digital scales and two cell phones.

Cynthia King as been formally charged with Unlawful Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class B Substance. Following her arraignment today in the Dorchester District Court, she was released on $1,000 cash bail.

Jonathan Perez-Flores, 28, of Dorchester, was arrested in Dedham for 34 alleged violations of Massachusetts Drug Crimes Charges.

Perez-Flores has been charged with several counts of Drug Distribution, Unlawful Possession of Drugs, Drug School Zone Violations, Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws, Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs.

According to the Dedham Police Department, Perez-Flores was arrested after undercover police officers had made several ‘controlled buys’ of heroin from him and after a lengthy undercover drug operation in which he was the purported target.

Six individuals were indicted this past Friday by an Essex County Grand Jury in Salem on several Massachusetts Drug Crimes Charges.

Roger Jones and his girlfriend, Chrystalina Cruz, of Salem, were both charged with Drug Trafficking Over 200 grams of Opium after they allegedly received a package in the mail from Florida of 2,000 percocets, valued on the street at approximately $60,000.

According to the Essex County District Attorney’s Office, a postal inspector came across the ‘suspicious package’ that was to be delivered to an address in Lynn and then contacted authorities. Police officers then engaged in a controlled-delivery of the package to the address, which was allegedly signed for by a woman at the request of Chrystalina Cruz.

George Diaz, 36, of Dorchester, was arraigned on several Massachusetts Felony Crimes Charges at his hospital bed after allegedly swallowing the drugs.

According to the Weymouth Police Department, Diaz, who was reportedly under investigation for several weeks on suspicion of selling drugs out of his home, was allegedly observed by officers to have engaged in a street-level drug transaction. Officers then followed him to a gas station, where he then allegedly tried pulling away as the officers approached, nearly hitting them.

When officers finally caught up to him, Diaz allegedly swallowed an unknown amount of drugs. Following his arrest, George Diaz was taken to South Shore Hospital in an effort to recover the drugs he allegedly swallowed.

Quincy Police executed a Search Warrant at 109 Garfield Street and arrested three persons on various Massachusetts Gun Charges and Drug Crimes.

Daniel Hardesty, 41, of Quincy, Villar Cruz, 23, of Dorchester, and Johan Figueroa-Rivera were all arrested during the raid and charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs; Conspiracy to Violate Massachusetts Drug Laws; School Zone Drug Violation; Unlawful Possession of a Firearm; and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.

According to the Quincy Police Department, the execution of the Search Warrant at 109 Garfield Street was the result of a ‘month-long’ investigation into alleged drug dealing at that address.

Braintree Police Officers arrested Eric J. Tobin, 25, of Taunton, and Jonathan R. Melo, 23, of Dorchester, for allegedly violating Massachusetts Drug Crimes Laws at Braintree’s South Shore Plaza this afternoon.

Jonathan Melo was charged with Distribution of a Controlled Substance and Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws; and Eric Tobin was charged with Unlawful Possession of Drugs and Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws.

According to the Braintree Police Department, officers’ suspicion became aroused when they observed a red SUV driving up and down rows of parked cars at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree. Police identified the driver of that SUV as Eric Tobin, who ultimately allegedly got out of the car and got into a gray Buick. Braintree Police Officers allege that Tobin was in that Buick for less than a minute before then getting into his own car and leaving the area.

Wilkins R. Diaz, 35, was arrested last week on Massachusetts Drug Crimes Charges for allegedly dealing in narcotics in the town of Rowley. Diaz is currently held on $25,000 on charges of Drug Trafficking in Heroin and Drug Violation in School Zone pending his arraignment Monday morning in Newburyport District Court.

According to the Rowley Police Department, Diaz was arrested following a joint investigation involving the Ipswich, Beverly, Danvers and Massachusetts State Police Departments. The investigation, according to police, led them to concentrate their focus on a green Honda Odyssey on Leslie Road in Rowley.

The officers conducting the investigation on February 18, however, noticed that a minivan passed the ‘target location’ a few times. Using the fact that the minivan had an expired inspection sticker as a pretext, officers pulled the minivan over and questioned the driver, which was Wilkins Diaz.

Juan Velez, 39, was recently arrested on Massachusetts Drug Crimes Charges for allegedly dealing heroin out of his Weymouth apartment. He was arraigned this past Friday in Quincy District Court on charges of Drug Trafficking in Heroin and Drug Violation in School Zone.

According to the Weymouth Police Department and the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office, police executed a search warrant at Velez’ Weymouth apartment earlier in the week. In the apartment, officers alleged seized heroin that was packaged for distribution. Weymouth police also seized several thousands of dollars, as well as two cars they allege Velez used to conduct his drug dealing activities.

At this time, it’s unclear what prompted the Weymouth Police Department to apply for a Search Warrant for Juan Velez’ home. In many cases such as these, the police use various methods in order to obtain the purported probable cause that enables them to obtain a search warrant.

cocaine-smuggling-jetblue-mule.jpgLuisa Gill, 21, was arrested by Massachusetts State Police and Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials on Massachusetts Drug Crimes Charges after she was allegedly found to have swallowed 50 pellets of cocaine.

Following her arraignment this morning in the East Boston Division of the Boston Municipal Court for on drug charges of Trafficking in Cocaine Over 200 grams, Gill was held on $200,000 cash bail.

Gill was reported to have swallowed the 50 cocaine pellets prior to boarding a Jet Blue flight from the Dominican Republic to Boston. Upon her arrival in Boston, law enforcement questioned Gill about her short trip, during which she began to “behave suspiciously.” She continued to be questioned before allegedly admitting that she had swallowed almost 1 pound of cocaine.

James Widener, 35, of Brockton, was arrested this past week for allegedly violating Massachusetts Gun Laws and Drug Crimes. Being investigated by local, state and federal law enforcement, he was charged with several crimes, including:

Widener has also been charged as an Armed Career Criminal, which is a sentencing enhancement for those previously convicted of gun crimes.

According to Massachusetts police, Widener was under investigation for various crimes he allegedly committed over the past several months in Plymouth, Norfolk and Bristol Counties. Widener also was reported to have had outstanding Arrest Warrants for other alleged crimes in Quincy and Boston.

Widener was arrested along with Briana Tobin, 21, also of Brockton, while the two were traveling in a car in Kingston Thursday morning. After the car was stopped, police allegedly recovered a loaded handgun, a 12-round magazine, heroin and cocaine.

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