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Richard P. Speropoulos, 64, of Revere, Massachusetts, was arrested last week on DUI / Drunk Driving Charges in Lynn when he was allegedly found sitting in his car with a bottle of vodka and a bag of marijuana.

According to the Lynn Police Department, officers purportedly received a ‘tip’ about an impaired driver on Boston Street. When officers responded to the area, they allegedly found Speropoulos sitting in his car with the engine running. Lynn Police Officers allege that Speropoulos smelled of alcohol and spoke with slurred speech.

Although Field Sobriety Tests were not performed due to ice on the ground, Lynn Police reported that a bottle of vodka, along with 23 grams of marijuana was seized from Speropoulos’ vehicle. At booking, he allegedly blew a 0.23 on the Breathalyzer Test.

cocaine.jpgDennis King and Raymond Swanson, both of North Andover, were arrested today in Drug Charges after their car was stopped by Massachusetts State Police on Route 114 in Lawrence today.

The car, which was a rental from Lowell, was stopped for speeding. A later search of the car revealed over 30 grams of cocaine. Both men have been charged with Drug Trafficking in Cocaine, Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws; Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine, and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon and were scheduled to be arraigned in Lawrence District Court this morning.

Drug Trafficking:

The Boston Police Department reports that a livery driver, who picked up two men and was driving them to Mattapan on Saturday afternoon, ended up robbing him of $400 in cash.

The two men allegedly put what the driver believed to be a gun to the back of his head and stole his wedding band, cell phone, earrings and cash. The driver walked to Boston Police District B-3 in Dorchester and gave a description of the suspects. Boston Police Officers reportedly saw two men matching the description given by the driver and followed them to an apartment on Walk Hill Street.

Boston Police ultimately arrested Troy Fernandez, 21, and Molijah Burley, 19, both from Dorchester, and have charged them with Armed Robbery.

Gregory J. Joran, 30, of Hyde Park, Massachusetts, is facing Drug Charges for trying to pickup a FedEx package containing thousands of illicit pills, including oxycodone and alprazolam (xanax). He is to be charged with Drug Trafficking and Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs.

The Boston Police Department, along with the Massachusetts State Police, allegedly received a tip to investigate a package that was delivered to a FedEx/Kinkos in Boston’s Post Office Square. The police officers opened the package, confirmed it contained drugs, and then resealed it.

According to Boston Police, Horan arrived later that morning to pickup the package. Once he walked out with it, police were waiting and arrested him. Aside from the package, he was also found to allegedly possess two plastic bags containing 21 oxycodone pills and 25 oxycontin pills.

Joao Fernandes, 28, and Michael Goncalves, 25, have both been charged with the Murder of Manuel Rodrigues. Rodrigues, reportedly a key prosecution witness against Michael Barros, who is scheduled to soon be tried for the Murder of Moises Vicente, was shot multiple times at his girlfriend’s home on February 17.

Fernandes and Goncalves are alleged to hot cooperated jointly in the execution of Rodrigues. Brockton Police Officers, along with the Massachusetts State Police, FBI and DEA, had obtained a Search Warrant for Fernandes’ Brockton home yesterday. At the Brockton home, they discovered several weapon, and were then went to Taunton where they believed Goncalves could be located. Eventually, Goncalves was arrested in a car, in which was also located crack cocaine and a gun.

Both Fernandes and Goncalves were arraigned in Brockton District Court this past week on First Degree Murder Charges, several Gun / Firearms Charges, as well as Trafficking in Cocaine.

A Hyde Park man was arrested in Lynn early yesterday morning for allegedly dealing drugs on Washington Street in Lynn, and within a school zone. Wilford G. Wright, 41, was arrested by Lynn Police Officers early Thursday morning and charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine; School Zone Violation; Assault & Battery on a Police Officer; Resisting Arrest; and Trespassing.

Lynn Police Officers alleged that Wrigth was standing in a doorway and allegedly conducting a drug transaction with 2 other men. As the Lynn Police Officers approached, Wright allegedly tucked something in his pocket and walked into the building.

Despite several requests from the police to stop, Wright ignored them and only stated “I’m just going to my friend’s apartment.” Ignoring officers’ commands, a Lynn Police Officer physically grabbed Wright and attempted to pat frisk him. At that time, he tried run away from the police and in so doing, pushed one of the officers.

Alexis David, 17 of Roxbury, and Jordan Jones, 21, of Jamaica Plain, both were employees at the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation for the summer and were both arrested for Distribution of a Class D Substance, Marijuana, at Revere Beach on Saturday night.

Massachusetts State Police Officers assigned to monitor ongoing drug activity at Revere Beach were actively engaged in the investigation that led to David’s and Jones’ arrest. No details concerning the arrests were disclosed by the Massachusetts State Police.

Although Possession of 1 Ounce or Less of Marijuana has been decriminalized by the Massachusetts State Legislature, the sale or distribution of marijuana still remains a crime.

Leonel Lopez-Ortiz, 38, was arrested on charges including Identity Fraud following his arrest in Randolph this past Wednesday. After his arrest, Lopez-Oritz’ car was search by the Massachusetts State Police, from which they recovered $159,000 in a shopping bag; and an additional $7,000 in cash from inside the home.

Lopez-Ortiz is also believed to be the same man with outstanding warrants on cocaine Drug Trafficking charges out of Suffolk Superior and Roxbury District Courts, as well as a warrant for Distribution of Cocaine out of the Dorchester Division of the Boston Municipal Court.

Lopez-Ortiz is also suspected of having intentionally mutilated his fingertips so as to avoid authorities from obtaining his identity. Unrelated to this incident, Jorge Falcon Ortiz was also found to have intentionally mutilated his fingertips after his arrest last week on unrelated drug charges.

Jesse Bumbaca of Waltham, and Marino Spirakis of Peabody, were arrested last evening for allegedly engaging in a drug transaction involving almost 1,000 oxycodone pills.

The Boston Police Department reports that Drug Officers were investigation a Kingston Street, Boston, address where Bumbaca was allegedly running a drug business. Sometime around 7:00 p.m. last evening, officers report they observed Spirakis park at that address and Bumbaca came out and handed him a black box. There was no indication that the Boston Police Officers could see what was in that black box, nor was there any elaboration as to why they believed that Bumbaca handing Spirakis that black box constituted a drug transaction.

After both men left the area in separate cars, Boston and Massachusetts State Police Officers stopped Bumbaca’s car at the Regatta Hotel in Cambridge. Police Officers seized a backpack containing 950 oxycodone pills, and $8,000. In the meantime, other Boston and Massachusetts State Police Officers stopped Spirakis’ car, seizing the black box which was found to contain $52,000.

I was scheduled to begin a trial today in Suffolk Superior Court, which never happened. My client, a woman, had been charged with Trafficking Over 200 grams of Heroin, a Drug Crime which carries a minimum-mandatory sentence of 15 years in state prison.

As insurmountable as the charge might sound, my client actually had an extremely strong defense. The government had no evidence to prove that she had knowledge that the FedEx package that was delivered to her home from India and which was addressed to someone else. Her defense against the Drug Trafficking charge was so strong that, despite her awareness of facing 15 years if she lost at trial, she at all times unequivocally maintained her innocence and rejected several offers by the prosecutor to plead guilty to reduced charges that would not result in jail time.

The prosecutor initially offered to reduce the charge of Trafficking to the lesser offense of Possession With Intent to Distribute (which doesn’t carry a minimum-mandatory sentence) if she agreed to three years’ probation. She said no. More so than anything else, she couldn’t bring herself to change her plea to guilty in open court and admit to something that she didn’t do. She continued to maintain her innocence, even up until the day of trial, when the prosecutor offered just a Guilty finding, without any probation or any committed time so that she would be free to walk out of court that day.

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