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Orlando Kavanaugh, 28 from Boston, was arraigned in Brockton’s Plymouth County Superior Court on several Massachusetts Crimes of Violence Charges and Gun Crimes in connection with the death of Tina Gonsalves.

Kavanaugh has been charged with First Degree Murder; Armed Home Invasion; Armed Assault to Murder; Assault with a Dangerous Weapon; Unlawful Possession of a Firearm; and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.

According to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, Orlando Kavanaugh allegedly broke into Tina Gonsalves’ Rockland apartment by breaking a window and then unlocking the back door. At some point during the unlawful entry, Gonsalves reportedly confronted and struggled with Kavanaugh, during which the handgun Kavanaugh allegedly was carrying went off, striking Gonsalves in the stomach. She later died of her wound at a Weymouth Hospital.

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Adam J. Cassino, 25, of South Boston, was arrested on Murder Charges by Boston Police today and charged in connection with the beating death of his 65 year old neighbor, Barbara Tagen.

Cassino was arraigned today in South Boston District Court and charged with First Degree Murder.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Adam J. Cassino beat his neighbor in her apartment this past August, and that forensic evidence, including witnesses, allegedly link him to the murder.

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Walter Mains, 31, was arrested by Boston Police Officers on Massachusetts Violence Crimes Charges in connection with three separate alleged assaults, all involving women.

Mains was arraigned this afternoon in the Boston Municipal Court on charges including Assault with a Dangerous Weapon; Accosting a Person of the Opposite Sex; Armed Robbery; Assault with Intent to Rape; and Indecent Assault and Battery.

According to Boston Police, Mains allegedly assaulted one woman with a gun; and in a separate incident, allegedly assaulted another woman, again with a gun and tried to rape her. Both assaults allegedly occurred in the Dorchester section of Boston.

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burns.jpgDaniel Burns, 26, was arraigned in Lowell District Court yesterday morning on several Massachusetts Crimes of Violence Charges in connection with allegedly attacking Brenda Finch Wednesday morning at her home.

Burns was charged with Attempted Murder, Armed Assault with Intent to Commit Murder, Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, and Breaking & Entering in the Daytime to Commit a Felony.

According to the Lowell Police Department, Daniel Burns allegedly broke into the Lowell home Brenda Finch after she returned from taking her 4 year old child to preschool. She described to police that she noticed one of the windows in her home was up and then began searching the home.

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ramirez.jpgManny Ramirez, formerly outfielder for the Boston Red Sox, was arrested this morning at his home Florida home on Domestic Violence Charges agains his wife, Juliana Ramirez. He was expected to be arraigned this morning charges of Assault & Battery.

According to the police, Juliana Ramirez alleged that Manny Ramirez hit her with an open hand with enough force to cause her head to hit the headboard of the bed. Police also reported observing visible injuries on Ms. Ramirez’ face, noting that it was red and swollen, and also had a bump on the back of her head.

The former Boston Red Sox player denied the allegations.

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Syretta Copeland, 31, was arraigned this morning in Salem District Court for Assault & Battery on a Police Officer, and is also being held in connection with Arson and Attempted Murder Charges arising out of a Dorchester fire last weekend.

According to Beverly Police, Syretta Copeland was arrested at her apartment on an outstanding Boston Police Warrant. Once at the police station, the Essex County District Attorney’s Office alleges that she allegedly became combative during the booking process when she was asked to remove her jewelry. According to police, she allegedly clawed at the officer’s face. Syretta Copeland, however, maintains that she only acted in self-defense as a result of the excessive force used against her by the police.

Meanwhile, Boston Police allege that Syretta Copeland allegedly set the fire to a home on Devon Street in Dorchester, which then spread to another home. Suffolk County prosecutors expect Ms. Copeland to be brought into Dorchester District Court at some point to be formally arraigned on Arson and Attempted Murder Charges.

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shooting.jpgTyre Wade, 19, was arrested this past week and charged with Massachusetts Gun Crimes Charges for allegedly carrying and shooting at Boston Police Officers. He was charged with Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.

According to the Boston Police Department, officers were in Roxbury this past week looking for what they described as “gang members known to have outstanding warrants.” At a residence on Slayton Way, police came across several individuals, who allegedly fled upon the arrival of police officers.

One of the men, Tyre Wade, allegedly reached into his waist and pulled out a gun, which then discharged. He was eventually taken in custody and was subsequently arraigned in the Roxbury Division of the Boston Municipal Court on Gun Charges.

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Sergio Donatelli, 37, of Woburn, was arrested by Saugus Police on Massachusetts Sex Crimes charges involving allegations of the rape of a child. He has been charged with Rape of a Child, Distribution of Child Pornography, and Indecent Assault & Battery on a Child Over 14.

The crime of Rape of a Child involves the forced sexual intercourse with a child under 16, which is punishable with imprisonment to state prison for any term of years, up to life.

As with most Massachusetts Sex Crimes, a conviction for this sex offense would require the person to become subject to Sex Offender Registration; submit his/her DNA to the state database, and could even subject the person to a term of parole supervision for life.

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Derrick Hunt, 21 of Roxbury, and Jose Maysonet, 19, of Boston, were both arraigned this morning in Boston Municipal Court on charges of Intimidation of a Witness in connection with the Murder of Alex Sierra, 18.

Sierra was shot this past weekend in Boston’s South End, allegedly by Ricardo Arias. According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Hunt and Maysonet, friends of Arias, allegedly threatened a witness prior to Arias’ arraignment.

In Massachusetts, the crime of Intimidation of a Witness is defined as the attempt to influence or intimidate a witness or to interfere with a criminal investigation. The potential penalty upon conviction for this crime is for any term up to 2.5 years in the House of Corrections; or up to 10 years in state prison.

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Lawrence Police have arrested Jose Luis Tejada, 40, on Massachusetts Murder Charges following the discovery of a triple murder this morning.

According to Lawrence Police, Tejada allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend, Milka Rivera, 39, and her two children, Sachary Montanez, 19, and Max Montanez, 16. The bodies were discovered this morning, all in one of the children’s’ bedrooms, after Jose Luis Tejada allegedly approached someone outside the home and stated that he had killed someone.

The witness in turn called the police and Tejada was arrested. Police also reportedly seized a weapon believed to be used the murders outside the home. At this time, Lawrence Police have not revealed any alleged motive for the killings, yet mentioned that they were not aware of any incidents involving the family in the past.